Thursday, May 12, 2011

Where Have I Been?! Hooked on Cards

I know you've missed me dearly! You haven't??? I'm fainting, gasping...

Something really weird happened some time ago. Looks like it was approx 30th April. I was surfing the net, looking for nothing actually, and then I found this funny sounding and interested looking website Koukussa Kortteihin, i.e. Hooked on Cards! As you probably know, I don't read or speak Finnish very often, therefore I was soooo thrilled. Woot? Finnish website and soooo many cardcrafting mad people gathered together?!? Imbossible, I thought. Needed a proper look. Out of interest, no no no... I'm not curious at all. Heck I'm not. 

Ohmygoood. What an amazing bunch of people. I've been there chatting and having fun. Can't believe it how they made me welcome, so friendly and I haven't laugh this much for ages. Honest!

Naturally I've made a fool of myself few times, but ohwell, one who doesn't make mistakes... you know the rest. At least they will remember me forevah :)

If you speak / read Finnish, I truly suggest you go to Koukussa kortteihin