Monday, August 30, 2010

Ornament from fibbre-UbA *** freebie

Couldn't resist. This ornament is soooo beautiful, I wanted to share this with you.

Again, credit to fabbri (I am trying to find out more details, and of course will upload update) and ironed, cleaned, etc etc etc by UbA. (UbA sounds DAFT, but it is a good abbreviation.)

Hugs from sunny, hot, wonderful Yorkshire. (Come on, one out of three is ok, isn't it?) ;)

Bank Hols Monday and Everything Is on Order :)

Needed to test these (and few variations, of course)


Edit approx 5 pm (BST):

MS Publisher (takes one minute tops)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quotes / Wisdoms Collection ;)

8. “It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives."
7. Some people “can't see the forest for the trees” but can have "storm in a teacup"
6. "Life is what happens when you're making other plans." John Lennon
5. "Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit!"
4. "I'm hanging in there like a hair in a biscuit."
3. "I couldn't be more surprised if you threw hot grits in my face!"
2. "When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane."
1. "Don't kick yourself in the leg."

LOL, thank you Dorcas, added to the collection :p

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bouquet number 1 by fabbri edited by UbA

These images are free to download and use, but it would be really unfair to sell them. Err.. I think "Angel policy" is the one I need here. With all respect to originals, these images have been scanned, cleaned and edited to be presentable. Every image is named with addition -fabbri-UbA, fabbri for the original publisher and UbA stands for Unique by Annemaritta.

Lets start with bouguet number 1.
(click the image to see the bigger one and if you click again, it's even bigger. Then right click "save image as".)

Friday, August 27, 2010


Ohmy! I have created my first digistamp (officially, I mean)!!! Sun is shining and we had a good three hours some fun with Angelique. Most certainly she is drawn back to card crafting. Lovely! Am I good company or bad influence? That's the question?

Edit 10:24 on Saturday morning: I found 20 odd year old magazines and after scanning, cutting, coloring (whitening/transparenting), measuring etc editing I was happy with it, BUT I need to find out somehow, IF I can publish it. Of course it would be free for everyone.

Our house has a proper size dining room, but now it is even in a better use. Sewing machine and overlocker and stuff are there ready to have a go. Err... need dusting first. Machines need. I used to sew everything, kids clothes, leather jacket, taxi uniforms (in Finland we used to have proper uniforms, no way wearing casual jeans or t-shirts...), dresses... everything really. Maybe this is a start of a new era. Or New Old Era? 

Anyway we ended up to do something with card stuff and I designed her a business card. Can't wait the next time we'll be having our whatsitcalled... "sewing circle" :D

edit 10.30pm
I found this: 

awww... cute :) 
* bkn = blog keeper's note
  • High quality low profile tablet with big 250 x 150 mm (10 x 6 inch) widescreen working space for picture and video editing, freehand drawing and other graphic applications
  • Including ergonomic wireless 2 button pen with 1024 step pressure sensitivity and separate cradle to store the pen (pen is perfecto to hold - bkn)
  • Widescreen size for optimized use with widescreen monitors; also suitable for standard monitors (works perfectly on both, tested - bkn)
  • Fully supports Windows 7 & Vista advanced tablet functions, such as pen pressure sensitivity, converting handwriting into digital text and office document notes (enjoyable and has word suggestion as well - bkn)
  • 21 extra direct accessible programmable soft buttons (excellent - bkn)
  • With transparent sheet for tracing pictures (sounds! - bkn)
  • Software included for drawing and editing pictures (err... ok - bkn)

Package contents

  • Tablet
  • Pen
  • Pen cradle
  • 2x pen tips (extra tips, one is already in place - bkn)
  • Pen-tip removal tool
  • 1x AAA battery
  • CD-ROM with software (well... software is very basic but it is there - bkn)
  • User’s guide (useless - blog keeper's opinion ;)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hard decisions ;)

If someone asks you to show them some of your cards, how do you chose? Got a message from my friend "could you bring few of your cards me to show my workmates?", oh well, I ended up with a box of 30. :D I had to be done quickly, that was good, cos now I didn't have time to panic or think. 

No cards for days! What is the matter with me? Had to get son's passport back, sort out alternative date for flying to Finland, which I am really happy about. He can spend a week there, quality time with his father and other rellies. Awww... nice.

It's 10pm and new mags sounds really good. CO visit coming up on October. Ah, it is nice and relaxed feeling after the meeting. It always makes you geel better. Every time. :) 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


No, this is not about Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Ross and Chandler. This is about friends, who suprise you without warning. It leaves you wondering, what have I done to deserve this. Absolutely nothing. Being my horrible self. Then few hours later you are given gifts that makes you day in many ways and many days!

Ok, things are difficult at home at the moment, life is a mess and I'm struggling to get through one day to the next one. Things like these makes it easier to carry on.

Dorcas knows how I have fallen in love with card making (card crafting) and how I like to try new things, but not sure how to do them. I visited her blog today, and there it was!!!

Colored Pencil Tutorial for newbies, I trust. Absolutely fantastic! I already said her, that I believe there are many of us, who do not know how to get it right, and are probably too scared to publish them or / and ask for advice. Heh, I do publish my stuff, cos I'm actually gobsmacked, that I can colour something and it doesn't look total waste (in my own opinion anyway).

Then I went for my study with my friend, Angelique. When I came back home, I had all this with me:

Angelique doesn't have time for cards at the moment, and she knows how happy and relaxed I am in my "Little Workshop". She said to me "Annie, I know that you take good care of these". Awwwww.... Oh, there was a heat gun as well!

Now we have arranged this Friday to be our first "sewing / card crafting session". Can't wait. :) We drove down to Dewsbury to this Textile Shop and ohdearme, those prices were perfect for people who are looking for quality but don't want to pay too much. Silk, wool, cotton, denim... My head is spinning around <3

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What a Beauty :) and it is CDAC Giveaway as well

1. What is this?
2. What does abbreviation "CDAC" stand for?

1. This is

Genius MousePen 8" x 6" Graphic Tablet (GENIUS IT IS!!!)

You can learn to draw your own digis with this prize. This brand new tablet is ergonomically designed for drawing, handwriting, sketching, coloring, or picture editing, and powered directly by the USB connection.

It’s not only a fantastic media tool for designers, but a "hand-eye" coordination, fun input device for a computer. Giveaway ends Sept 13th and winner will be picked by random generator. Prize Features are..

    * 8"x6" working area, comfortable for easy drawing, painting and using the PC
    * 1024-level pressure sensitivity for all kinds of shapes and thickness control
    * Make handwriting notes/drawings on the Internet and in any application program
    * Cordless mouse and pen design gives you unlimited freedom
    * 3D scroll wheel for fast browsing on the Internet and in Windows documents
    * Corel Painter-The ultimate digital sketching and painting tool
    * Supports Windows 2003/XP/Me/2000/98
This is the best part: 
One CDAC Member will win this Drawing tablet.
(and of course I am a member)

Now comes the answer to the question #2
2. CDAC is Crafters Digital Art Centre 

Another challenge

Playing with paper and scissors is FUN :) Colouring didn't go well, but vase for flowers is ok. It is printed tweed. Photo of it was sharp and looks pretty good printed imo. Description will be added after well earned sleep (it's 2am here).

Pics looked really weird, so here comes the second set. Now I need to work out how to add these and where :D Ok, this is the finished card. I was looking for to get 3D effect and not use anything but paper. The silver shining belt is card stock (from Home Bargains, England, and it was 80 pence for 16 A4 sheets). Green hanging thingies are made of very ordinary 80gms pastel coloured paper using Sizzlit. Card stock: White 14 x 14 square card. First I glued pastel yellow sheet on top of it.

Flower is made of 5 layers, bottom one is pretending to be leaves, then orange, red, yellow and the top layer is pink. Buttons. oh it was so fun to try to get buttons right. Water colouring pencils, smoothering, more colours etc. I like them.

Buckle was difficult. It just doesn't look "right" or real at all. Well, maybe next time, or 183 times after that then. ;) I can't draw, but I am soooo stubborn person, I am determined to get better. Hah. Because of the buttons and buckle, the vase "had to be" fabric, and what is more English than tweed? :) Found an excellent sharp pic and then printed suitable size. Voila!

This shows the 3D.

I would like to take part of these challenges:

Embellishment challenge
Use Your Scraps
Craft Your Passion Challenge 19

PS. I honestly think I'm totally useless with all this, but thank you for your nice comments. :)

PS2. It says "Leave a direct link to your card (not just your blog) with mr linky... " So why there is me and another newbie ONLY doing that. All the others have links to blogs. Hmm... Surely I messed it up AGAIN!!! :p

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Midnight Madness and Normal Madness ;)

Midnight is Challenging Time
Actually I'm not too sure what to say but assumably I should say something about this project. Err... The card is cream 220gms A6. Insert is creamy (although you can't see it, of course, from here). I started mess about with things, I just knew what I wanted and of course this wasn't it. ;)

How can you squeeze satin AND organza ribbons through the tiny hole? As you can see, I can't, but ohdearme, I tried :D . Pic proves it all ;) Tried to get it nicely and equally both sides but naaaah... Colours were good, thou.

This detail is the decoupage. Black oval is 220 black matt card stock (cutted by myself with my lovely, brilliant, amazing Fiskars template and whatwasit... Shape Cutter Plus. "Shiny" jewels are some self adhesive thingies from one of boxes full of this and that. Backing paper is created by me with permission of decoupage die cut company. :) (Good customer or exellent Craft UK PR department?)

More black was needed and then I took this leftover black piece of card stock and rolled it through this funny machine I have noooo idea what it is. It makes the card wavy. :D Cream oval edges are coloured using just Stabilo colour pen.

Ok, I would like to enter to challenge: 

Thank you for reading :)
Oh heck, found very interesting thing: Embellishment Challenge - cdacec4 (plenty of time, plenty of time ;)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fantastic Friday?

Today is the day I'm going to take up for a challenge. Of course it is about cards ;) Or one card. Maybe. Not sure actually. Lets see... ;)

There's another thing I'm very pleased. Got my Finnish and English Watchtower Libraries installed (had some problems cos desktop pc partitioning... never mind, sorted). I'm lost without them.

Hoover is staring at me and I'm trying to pretend I have noooo idea what suppose to be happening!

Angelique (my friend who gave me her card stash!) stopped by and wow, she liked my idea of the organizer pages and  here we are (of course!)

Pocket size
Wanted to add a tiny detail (I hope she doesn't mind) and on the note pages it is :)


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday It Is...

... all 24 hours of it.

Dorcas, surely that kind of situation has to boost confidence, small child, suitcases, and husband stuck thousands of miles behind. Well done x :)

Alex (my son) has no chance to get his passport back before Wednesday. That is the day she says she will be going to the house, but I very much doubt it. If someone is in difficult situation, I would do all I can to help, but this girl and her boyfriend... Horrible people :( Ouch, have to calm down immediately, I definitely don't want to die having a heart attack in front of my computer and because Lady In Black (sorrrrry LOL) is not finished yet.

Amazing how it helps. Card making I mean.

Q: What would you do, if you had personal organizer but you don't want to pay for refills?
A: Design, print and cut your own.
Example of size 172mm x 96mm refills: diary £4 (26 sheets) or £8 (52 sheets), to do / name+address / plain note paper / finances / day planner £2 each (20 sheets) etc. Well, that lot would cost at least 14 quid. NO WAY!

Let me think (hahah, sometimes I do think!) 52+30+30+30+30 (diary, appt, minutes, assings, address)...  58 x A4, bit of ink (I like very fine lines), a guillotine and a hole punch. I spent couple of quids, that's ALL!!! (Everyone has a guillotine and a hole punch home, or what?) ;)





Ok, Lady in Black is here:

Lady in Black

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wrong Going Wednesday &*%"~#'!!!

It's 7pm and no card crafting today. Been trying to get son's passport back, WHY it is soooo difficult to someone to cooperate? Just asking! Ok, to cut a long story short: On Saturday son went to house colding party (opposite of house warming party), left his backbag there (with the passport of course). Since Sunday morning (!!!) we've been trying to get this girl who is moving out, to give my son's bag back. GRRRRRRR.... She doesn't want to know. Lying her head off and all she says is that it's my son's fault, why left it there.

Of course it is his fault! BUT son was suppose to go to Finland to spend some time with his father. Tickets been booked and paid, flight is on Monday, but NO FRIGGING passport! Studies will keep my son busy and no chance for holiday in Finland until next summer :(

Girl and her boyfriend had too wild party and therefore she doesn't want to go to the house. Son told there were about 50 people and I'm very grateful he and his friends left before thing were starting to go bad. I feel sorry for the owner of the house. We drove there today and ohdear... what a mess when looking from outside. :(

I am so angry. So so so angry! Then my heart started to play up. Doctor wanted to send me to hospital but then gave me some nitros and I promised to stay calm and relax. Oh yeah... :(

Now I'm going to have some quality time <3 Result will be revealed later...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Terrible Tuesday :(

Everything is going wrong. Well, not everything... Being in my "workshop" makes me feel a bit better. Browsing Internet for similar minded (read "mad about cards") people and seeing projects and finding new ways to do things is sooooo cool!

For example colouring... How amazing is that!?! :D

Lady in Pink
This is the result when you have one bugaboo freebie, box of wax crayons and the most important (at least for me it was) Crayon Coloring Tutorial actually to help how to do it. After headache, swetting and sweari... NO SWEARING! I meant to say "making a mess", I have coloured my first digistamp! (Waiting for applauds...)

The next day came and let me see...

Lady in Green
This time I grabbed box of colouring pencils and playing with pencils was nice. Trying to keep Tutorial in mind, of course. Now I have twins. But that is not all... ;)

Water colours! Drove to Tesco and bought the cheapest water colour pencils and hurried back home:

Lady in Blue
As you can see, Lady in Blue is a bit edited version of the bride, also I flipped the image to point to opposite direction. I love blue and white. Don't know what experienced people would say, but I think this is my best so far (of triplets that is).  Yet again... I found some oil/metal/noidea whatsoever paint pots and of course wanted to have a go.

Lady in Orange
Lady in Orange looks definitely better IRL than picture shows. You can't see the silver/white highlights, neither black hair lining. Now I have quadruplets :D

Love this loads. I mean all this colouring thingy!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Day

Ohdearme! I have a blog ;)

Not sure what to do with this but this has to do something with my card making.