Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tissue Is the Issue

(Second post today :)
It's tissue time :)

I kept this simple because this was my first ever homemade tissue box, didn't want to end up crying... But hello! That would have been very handy, first hand testing :P

Lid: Hole in the middle, then cream cardstock with small oval cut, then second layer with big oval cut. Looks nice and it is like a frame. then silverish thread around with finishing silver bow.

Sides 1 - 4:

Cardstock - Digi - Pencils - 
Die Cuts - Spellbinders and Sizzix
Embossed Rose - Ellison (not sure)
All bits and pieces from stash

It would be nice to find challenge or two for this...

Catered Crop - Follow-the-Recipe #8
Desert Island Crafts - Challenge #4 (NOT a card, wire, fancy fold)

As Dorcas mentioned, all boxes of tissues are NOT the same size. I measured box of tissues first, then made a template (again recycling some cardstock, good, good) and the final box. 

Simple and Sophisticated

Mojo's gone, confidence is non exist, ARGH!!! Fight for it... Wait for it...

And here we go!
Photos don't show exact colour or texture, but it is silver grey and to be honest with you, I don't know what to call this texture, but it is really nice.

Those gems are the same colour than cardstock and ribbons, that makes it more effective (I keep telling myself that anyway! LOL)

Butterfly is a bit lighter, but it is gorgeous!

Cardstock - gift from a dear friend

Die Cut - Spellbinders
Butterfly punch - gift from a dear friend
Gems - Craft Essentials (from Samuel Taylors)
Ribbons - stash

I really would love to add this to

Less Is More - Week 8 Sketch

Can't wait to be back on track (again LOL!)

Monday, March 28, 2011


(Third post today...)
If he is not cute and cuddly, I don't know what is!

Cardstock - Papermill
Digi - I can't remember! If someone recog this, please let me know
Pencils - Prismacolors
Die Cut - Spellbinders
BP - import from Holland
Shiny bits - Craft Essentials and Poundshop (yes! LOVE the place)
Stamp - no idea, gift from a friend
Ink - Ink it Up!
Glitter Powder - Heat it Up!
Ribbon - from stash
Buttons - from stash

Challenges, I fancy:

Fuzzy Wuzzy: Animals with sketch
Sentimental Sunday: Cute and Cuddly
Amber's Crafts and Stuff Use Die Cuts (yes, I love my Big Shot)

Spreading My Wings

(Second post today...)

Stuck in a rut? Not me! This card is very different from my usuals. I wanted to try and make something different.  Design papers, gems, awfully pink soppy... but I love it! I LOVE how this card came out.

Cardstock - Digi - Pencils - Die Cut - BP - Embellishments - Specials - Challenges, my card fits to, are:

Bit of Sorting

(First post today...)

To cut a long story short:

Boxes and folders under the desk / on the desk / on the floor are gone! Haha, kidding! Definitely not gone, but I have managed to organise and sort some of my cardstock. There's always bits and pieces everywhere, and when I really need "that" cardstock, can't find it. Now I can!!!!!! What do you think of this:

Beautiful, or what?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

HELP - Has Anyone Ever Broke a Big Shot?

Something terrible happened me on Saturday evening when I was cutting some dies. Crank shaft of my Big Shot kept funny noise and of course I thought it was from plates first, but then I thought better to carefully reverse, the handle dropped off!!!


It was not stuck, I already had cut exactly same dies with same cardstock and same plates.

Email was sent to Sizzix UK on Sunday, they replied today (Tuesday) and asked me to contact the seller company, which I did. Waiting for their reply now. I have NEVER heard anything like this before.Less than a year and my heart is broken now.
edit #1 * Wednesday 23rd March 
So far so good: I got a phone call UK time about 12 noon, and lady on the phone rang to arrange collection and then replacement. :) Company is hugely popular and I believe one of the leading craft suppliers.

I'll keep you informed :) 
One problem: my plates and the very newest die are stuck in the middle of the machine.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fools' Day Candy / Aprillia candy

Check this out. My fellow blogger, Mervi, has a nice Fools' Day Candy there. In Finland this is one of our funny customs to trick someone on April the 1st and then troll: Aprillia, aprillia, syö silliä, juo kuravettä päälle!
(Fooled you, fooled you, eat herring and drink muddy water!) I know, it doesn't make sense, but it is how it is done :D )
Translation is my very own ;)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Harrogate Papercrafts Extravanganza

Much needed enjoyable few hours in Harrogate! Time flew but it was so great to walk around and get ideas.

Of course it wasn't so easy to get there... For some some reason there was a wrong post code on website and of course my satnav didn't follow my wishes to get to the craft place; instead we found ourselves in the middle of residental estate. 

I rang my son and Jane rang to her husband to get correct post code and finally we got there. 

I had a pic of Teresa, but as I haven't asked her permission to publish it in my blog, I thought better take it off.

Jane, Monica and Teresa, thank you for nice time!!!

PS. Home I took 
  • couple of magazines (only cos they were 3 for £5 and there were backing papers and templates free worth more)
  • one gorgeous die (there is a pic above of the die cut saying "sold out" but they had some more just in time ;)
  • 12 packs of cards (5 wardrobe cards unfolded it was almost A4  + envelopes, only cos they were 12 packs for £5)
  • BUT what I needed was proper strong high quality glue, which I still need HAH.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wonderful Spring

It's March and it also is wonderful to see nature coming to life again. I've been quite quiet, and last four days couch and bed have been my best friends. Looks like I'm back to life, too. Good for me!

My idea was that mum is watching her son taking care of the flower :) Obviously they have crochet curtain with satin ribbon.

Cardstock - bought from Samuel Taylors
Digi - Mo Manning
Pencils - Prismacolor
Die Cut - Nellie's Multiframe
Edge cut by Fiskars Paper Edgers 
Embellishments - satin ribbon and flower from my endless old dusty stash (NOT SO DUSTY!!!)
Specials - If you just knew how much I've missed coloring and blogging :)

Mo's Digital Challenge - #73 A Bit of Green

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Feline Playful

Just to let you know I no longer coordinate challenge winners.

It is amazing amount of work the team is doing behind the blog and I'm appreciating them even more now when I tried it for couple of weeks. Every week there are almost 400 challenges and then usually double or triple that to get winners... In one week!

Warm hugs to all the team, Annemaritta