Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Matter of opinion

My wonderful relatives sent me some money, not a fortune, but for me at this moment of life it actually feels so. It was a wonderful surprise and I've been thinking of buying something wonderful to my wonderful self. ;)

Of course I told my son about this and as much as he understand how I love coloring, cardmaking and how it effects me on very positive (wonderful?!?) way, I thought he would be an excellent advisor ;)

Me: Alex (my son), I've been thinking and sort of would love to buy "this" or "that".

Alex: Nah, mum, rather you should get PlaySation 3!!!

Hmm... yes, surely PlayStation 3 is on top of every middle age woman's "must have" list. Naturally. :D

Update, Wednesday 29 December

Oh, I love this: Drove to Samuel Taylor's "just to get stumps". Remembered those stumps as well!!!

Spent a small fortune on Sassy Cheryl's website... I love her designs.