Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Matter of opinion

My wonderful relatives sent me some money, not a fortune, but for me at this moment of life it actually feels so. It was a wonderful surprise and I've been thinking of buying something wonderful to my wonderful self. ;)

Of course I told my son about this and as much as he understand how I love coloring, cardmaking and how it effects me on very positive (wonderful?!?) way, I thought he would be an excellent advisor ;)

Me: Alex (my son), I've been thinking and sort of would love to buy "this" or "that".

Alex: Nah, mum, rather you should get PlaySation 3!!!

Hmm... yes, surely PlayStation 3 is on top of every middle age woman's "must have" list. Naturally. :D

Update, Wednesday 29 December

Oh, I love this: Drove to Samuel Taylor's "just to get stumps". Remembered those stumps as well!!!

Spent a small fortune on Sassy Cheryl's website... I love her designs. 


  1. You know you have a whole world of support on your blog! We ALL would choose crafting supplies. Some of us even choose our wonderful paper treats over food. LOL! Hope you get to spend it on something fun that you want!

  2. Oh yes!

    (32 minutes to go and we are on the Day 10 of my No Water Saga written by Yorkshire Water.)

    Maybe tomorrow... or day after tomorrow... or 28 days later...

    Frozen mains? Frozen pipes? No one has came for a visit to even look at it. It is so good in Finland we live in caves where there is no running water, except thawn snow, or central heating, except of course bears and wolves. Our waterbeds were of course frozen in winter times, so I have actually nothing to complain about. <3

  3. Glad you taking it so well lol. I know it's not lol at all. Hope they get moving soon. So pleased you have been able to treat yourself...males have no taste do they lol. I've some candy on my blog by the way and some freebies too. Hugs lin


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