Tuesday, March 22, 2011

HELP - Has Anyone Ever Broke a Big Shot?

Something terrible happened me on Saturday evening when I was cutting some dies. Crank shaft of my Big Shot kept funny noise and of course I thought it was from plates first, but then I thought better to carefully reverse, the handle dropped off!!!


It was not stuck, I already had cut exactly same dies with same cardstock and same plates.

Email was sent to Sizzix UK on Sunday, they replied today (Tuesday) and asked me to contact the seller company, which I did. Waiting for their reply now. I have NEVER heard anything like this before.Less than a year and my heart is broken now.
edit #1 * Wednesday 23rd March 
So far so good: I got a phone call UK time about 12 noon, and lady on the phone rang to arrange collection and then replacement. :) Company is hugely popular and I believe one of the leading craft suppliers.

I'll keep you informed :) 
One problem: my plates and the very newest die are stuck in the middle of the machine.



  1. I´m sooo sorry!!
    But can´t help you - my Big Shot is only 2 weeks old... no problems so far...

  2. That happens to me, too. But I contact Sizzix UK and they changed my Big Shot and pay also the shippingcosts from Spain. I asked before that for the piece that was broken, but they can't deliver this replacement.
    I can't contact the shop because my one was buyed from my sister in Germany and she send it as present, so Sizzix offer me this solution. Contact them again, and cry a little bit, maybe it helps ;-)
    Good luck!

  3. I'm so sorry Annemaritta! I hope the company helps you. It is a lot of money for a product that can break. We NEED out machines!

  4. So far so good: I got a phone call UK time about 12 noon, and lady on the phone rang to arrange collection and then replacement. :)

    I keep you informed :)

  5. I've heard of someone before that had this happen to them. Glad you are getting it replace...if it was me I'd cry everyday till it came lol. How did you enjoy harrogate. Hugs lin

  6. mero, thank you for support, really needed! Things are looking good.
    Linda, trust me, it has been bad :( My workshop is my place to relax and now when seeing my BS there, it just hurts!!! :D

  7. Will they retrieve your dies for you???

  8. DHL collected the box today and on the covering letter I wrote that I would like to get dies and plates back. It really was my very latest purchase. Nellie's Multifram hearts and doves. Beautiful.

  9. won't they give you new plates with the big shot...they should replace the die's, I hope they will. Hugs lin


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