Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Girl, a Boy and a Goose. Or a Duck

Life keeps me away from here, because it takes all my strength actually to be alive. Positive thinking: Better to come.


  1. Gorgeous card, Annemaritta. Your coloring gets better and better.
    I'll be praying for you Sweetie. :-(

  2. Dorcas, ta :) This is with Promarkers, although I find them very difficult. Also I'm practicing with hot glue and adding a bit "more" on cards. LOL, my sky is really really out of this world :D

  3. I love your card. I'm working with my Promarkers now, too, and it's definitely a challenge. But practice does make better. (I'll never be perfect for now.) I'll say a prayer, too. Love, dj

  4. This is so pretty Annemaritta! Love the purple esp. the flower! So sorry life is rough these days! You are in my prayers. You can E-Mail me anytime! You always have friends. Wish we lived closer! :-(


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