Saturday, August 27, 2011

Scent of Papers

Been wondering what is it that gets us on the hook? I love papers and it is soooo bad we here in England are spoiled with choices and prices are fan-tas-tic. Where else you could get 54 sheet 12x12 Laura Ashley pad for £2.50? Gorgeous design and here it is.


I copied pictures from some auction site, but never mind.

There is a problem thou. Papers are so beautiful, I barely use them, just because I might run out of sheets. :( Can't bare the idea.

Oh no, these are NOT from any auction, but a wonderful local shop. I couldn't find proper pics from anywhere else that quickly.


  1. At that price just buy two of each!

  2. Mielettömän ihania ja edullisia!

  3. ooooh ahhhhh! I LOVE paper too! I have loads that I love too much to use. Trying to get over it and just use it. That is why I bought it! This is very beautiful and I am sure when you are ready you will create something fantastic with it. What I find is if I keep it long enough, I buy something else I like better, hoard that, then I am ready to use this one.

  4. Voi jestas, mitkä hinnat!!! Ja miten ihanii papereita, varsinkin noi alemmat!Määkin haluun.... yhyyy!

  5. Beautiful papers, just were is the auction for them. I had a huge pad of K & co papers 360 sheets for under ten pound. Thankfully there is about four of each paper, so I have actually been using them. I have some basic grey that I still only look at lol. Love lin

  6. Here in Austria you definitely CANNOT find such gogeous paper for that amount... :-(
    I´m happy with you and give you one advice: USE THEM!! :-)


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