Friday, September 09, 2011

Summer in September

Weather has turn to normal i.e. autumn is definitely here. Last couple of days have been horrible heathwise and crafting takes my thoughts away from the pain and struggle. Son has been great help. I thought it was a good idea NOT to take painkillers because not going anywhere but ohmygoosh, this stupid idea caused me the most difficult evening and night for ages. Back to drugs. Frustration and anger won't help. Believe you me. But I am so flippin frustrated. And angry.

Result from last night.

Butterfly punch is Anne Griffin (or something like that)
Hologram cardstock is from stash as the flower blossoms
Swirl is Marianne's
DP is Smirk
Green half pearl dots are Papermania

PS. Box is my very own diy photo studio, Dorcas inspired me and you'll find more info from her blog. Also the most wonderful cards. Of course you can't see the box itself, but well, I have it now, suitable DIY photo studio.


  1. So photobox ended up in the garbage! lol I love that flourish, Annemaritta!
    I do hope you get some relief form your pain, what a horrible thing to live with day in and day out...thinking of you kiddo.

  2. Annemaritta, I love your card. You do beautiful work even in your pain. I understand what you mean though. I wouldn't dare not take my pain medicine (at least not on purpose) or I'd be climbing the walls. I was us at 2 am to 4 am because of pain myself. Hang in there love, we will make it and then we won't have to ever worry about it again. Love, dj

  3. So pretty Annemaritta! Love the sparkling butterflies and the flourish w/ the flower. Hope you find some relief soon. Sorry you are going through such rough times, and not feeling good just adds to it! Thinking of you!


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