Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Big Sister

Well, previous post was my sister, it's good to assume this is me then?

Image Sarah Kay


  1. They're both really cute, Annemaritta. I like Sarah Kay images they remind me a bit of "Holly Hobby" dolls when we were growing up. :)

  2. Another sweetie pie Annemaritta! The blue is great too! Love the embossing! I agree with Dorcas. They have a Holly Hobby feel these images!

  3. This is definitely another keeper. Although I like the little girl better, I tend to like the lavenders better than the blue, but awesome work on both of them. And ditto on the comments by Stacey and Dorcas. Hugs, dj

  4. This is beautiful Annemaritta that image, the colours and design look totally ACE.
    Lorraine x


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