Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Wee Craft Corner of Mine

If you have your own crafting place and something is there and here and everywhere, do what I did. Near son's college/university is a nice small (dusty, crowded) house clearance place and this was my first visit there.  Lonely pigeonhole unit was there and after good wondering around, talking about cars and weather, I asked like it really didn't matter or like I wasn't actually interested at all, "how much do you think I should pay for this?"

Answer was "gimme a fiver and it's yours". Well, FIVE pound sterling it was and son did the rest. Dragging it into the car, dragging it into the house and upstairs. Thank you, sweetie. 

This picture is downstairs with warts and all. 

Testing how A4 and 12x12 will fit there. Ok, fine, good enough for me.

After hoovering, polising and arranging. Not there yet, but wow, how great it was to organize my very organized mess, even having this wee moment to see, that it was a proper bargain and oh so great.

Picked few cardboard boxes from Asda (with permission of course). 
I sort of save all pieces of papers and cardstock, but never get a chance to use them, 
because "it's never there!". 

Labels are there and now these boxes are for all those scraps. Good, innit?
My favourite take away boxes, too, filled with brads and eyelets.

I think it was a fiver well spent.

Till next time, thanks for visiting :)


  1. Wow! This is fantastic! I'd love to find something that size for such a great price. My husband, Lang wanted me to as you what kind of store this was that required you to lose 5 pounds to purchase something. LOL. Hugs, dj

  2. Sorry, he wanted me to "ask" you. Hugs, dj

  3. Thats such a cool piece of equipment and what a great price! A keeper for sure!


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