Saturday, September 01, 2012

A Shoe Tower --- Really?

Where to go for a good looking, holding minimum of 72 cards, easy to lift and move around card stand?

1. Look around for ideas. Find a great idea from Leikkaan Mervi's blog .
2. Shop around.
3. Buy a Revolving Shoe Tower! (£6.58)

Height 84cm (33")
Diameter 28cm (11")
Base diameter 22cm (8 3/4")

This one holds stamps and stuff. I went through drawers and found "few" pots and tubes of glitters and glues, now they all are just there easily to grab. This works perfectly for me, because doesn't need lots of desk space, and of course the price was GREAT :)

Binder rings would be good (as on the pic), but because of they are quite pricey, I might settle with key rings. Argh, it will take ages to twist and curl them around. Well...

Easily holds 72 cards and more if you want to go and show your cards.

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  1. I love this idea!! :0)

    Where did you get the shoe tower from hun? If you don't mind my asking?


  2. Awesome idea Annemaritta! Ive pinned it on pinterest ;)


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