Saturday, May 31, 2014

Flower Tutorials

Flower tutorials that changed my life.

Silly to say things like that? No. What do you do with all your scrap paper and card? Bin? Store in the bottom drawer? Why not make flowers? Sometimes if I'm lazy, I take a sheet of card/paper and punch quite a few petals ready to be converted to flowers, but all scraps are screaming out "we are here, take us!!!"

3. Create a Beautiful Flower with Petal Pairs Punches

Some of my makes. I will blog pics of punches and dies etc very shorty.


These pics I took when someone asked tutorial, looks like I forgot to take pics in the middle of the "process". Oops.


  1. Omg I Just Commented I Wanted One Did You Read My Mind. Will Be Checking These Out Thanks And Bookmarking. Oh I Need Go Food Shopping First Tee hee


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