Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Toyota Elena Auto 7 - New Adventure Part 1

When I was around 8 years old, we had a neighbour who had a knitting machine. It was my first touch of how easy and fast it was knitting! The lady taught me to knit a skirt and a nice knitted vest, oh boy how much I loved them. The experience of machine knitting and my beautiful knitted clothes.

For few years I've been thinking to get a machine ,but only if I find a bargain. There are tons of risks naturally buying a second hand machine, but I wasn't looking anything fancy. Definitely not electrical or electronic thing. Not too complicated either, my brain is not the same as before, due heavy medication and heheheh, old age.

Well, there is was, ebay starting price £29.99

Yes, I won the auction, for some reason I was the only bidder. Lucky me! There is exact same model with same accessories asking price £250! 

Next hurdle was to get machine home. Wonderful girl from our congregation helped me out and  collected TEA home. (Yes, TEA as Toyota Elena Auto)

This Toyota model was in production circa 1985, time when machines were made for last. It says "Full metal needle bed, 4.5mm". I assume this is important information. Ok, time to open the box. Boxes, as there was also a Lace Carriage included. And punch cards and manuals and sketch papers.

Okay, this is all for now. Need to read manuals. Several times. Slowly. Absorbing the information. 

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