Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pay It Forward

I just joined in this fabulous new game... Or reminds me of letter chains! Chain letters it was :D Oh noooo!!!!! Too late to cancel now.

I solemny promise to send something handmade to the first five people who comment on this post. However, there's a catch. You must post this, offering something handmade to five other people.

The rules state that it must be something handmade or homemade by you and needs to be sent to five other people during 2011. Plenty of time then.

If you'd like to join in the fun, then be the first to post a comment and something handmade or homemade will be coming your way at some point this year.


I would like to add a twist found from Stacey's blog. If you could state your favorite colors and style in your comment, I could make something suited just for you. If you have a favorite animal or flower, state that too!

P.S. My email where I would love to have your postal addresses, is annemaritta (at) ntlworld (dot) com. Hih, lets see what happens ;)


  1. I just learned a new word... "greedy" ... ok, I´m afraid I´m greedy - may I sign in here, too?!?
    I love orange, pink, turquoise/teal/light blue, and all shades of grey... and sparkle!!!

  2. Well I guess I'm partial to citrus colors. :-) Glad you are joining in Annemaritta!

  3. I would also cherish something made by you. Hugs, Debbie (dj)

  4. Well I have to sign up too don't I if we're all going for greed lol. I'm pretty in pink. Love lin

  5. Yea I'm number 5 on your too! It will be so nice to get something homemade from you! Purple is my favorite color and! I tend to gravitate towards the elegant style, but I like anything! Cute kids and flowers are my fav images!

  6. Hi annemaritta
    It's sandra
    I'm having a sort out and I've come across all your cards. So sorry it's taken so long but I can arrange to meet you to give them back
    As soon as I can log on to the pc I'll email you to make these arrangements
    I do hope you are well


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