Friday, January 28, 2011

Sassy Cheryl's Show Me #10

It was a dark and stormy night in beautiful Yorkshire... Oops, it was Thursday, NOT raining and it was noon. Not sure if this was a bad idea, but too late to cry over spilled milk. Need to be honest with you, I did some tidying up before the pics. Had to :D 

Desk was in almost reasonable condition, only about ton of bits and pieces needed removing, but I got there. Hehe, I'm not very organized. I'm sure it's not me! Someone keeps doing this, but not me!!!

My desk. I have found tins and ice cream tubs very very useful. Ohmy, lets see... Everything is in perfect order: Baby oil and stumps and pencils on the left (those two really old Tupperware tubs, bottom one has strong coffee for distressing and top one is for baby oil). Colour Chart pinned on the window sill. Piece of paper showing colours I'm gonna work with on the worktopwhateverthingy, and all the rest useful and important stuff.

State of the cutting plates and my Bow Apparatus ;)

Very Special Die Storage Space:

Finally what I really was doing at the time: 

Here we go!


  1. OMGOodness!! Look at all those nesties!

  2. I love to see a well used cutting plate lol. Kathy loaned me her 'bug' before I got my bigshot and her's was just like yours....when I had mine new I wondered why on earth they were flat;) I'll get them there lol. I like to make use of empty chocolate boxes to store my know, the plastic ones that ferro Rochea come in...I don't eat the choc, sadly I can't but I'd really really like to. Hugs lin

  3. Well now, aren't you the busy bee! You know I just love snooping. So glad you shared your space this week.


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