Saturday, June 16, 2012

3D Round Cake Template

Hiya again!

Here is my tip for Top Tip Tuesday: 

3D things made of paper and card are beautiful and also quite challenging sometimes. I've been thinking about templates and how to make one easy to follow and of course wanted the result be stunning. Who wouldn't?

Next one is the display box for the cake. Watch this space. :)

Managed to sort out a template for the round cake you can see HERE. Ohmydearme what a task. :D
Any questions and feedback are welcome. Mwah!
It's measured for A4 and you need both pages. Tiers are 10cm, 7cm and 4cm diameter.

Good luck!

How to download this?
1. Over the picture, RIGHT CLICK and "OPEN LINK IN A NEW TAB"
2. Go to that tab.
4. Save and then open the image.

It is measured A4, and you can just print it.

Page 1

Page 2.

Thanks for visiting and just a reminder what it looks like:

I asked my fellow crafters to test the template.




Thank you, ladies. This is a nice confidence boost <3

One Challenge 
Top Tip Tuesday - #78 Sparkles Galore In honour of the Diamond Jubilee  


  1. Thanks for sharing your fabulous cake template. There are so many ways to embellish this. Thanks for joining Top Tip Tuesday. Elaine

  2. WOW! This is soooooo amazing! Thanks so much for sharing it as a Top Tip over at Top Tip Tuesday - I can't wait to have a go and will give you a shout when I have :)

    I hope you don't mind but I'd love to add a link to this post on my 'some of my favourite tutorials' page on my blog :)

    Carol x


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