Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Top Tipper of the Week

Yippee! I'm the TOP TIPPER OF THE WEEK!!! I thought my "bow apparatus" could be worth mentioning at  Top Tip Tuesday and it was :) I am sooooo pleased and very proud to grab my new badge :)

Thank you!


  1. Congratulations on being the "Top Tipper". I made one back when you first made your tutorial, but I think I lost it, so this is a great reminder for me; especially to make more than one size. I really don't use bows enough, even though I like them; just because they are a pain to make.



  2. dj, it takes less than a minute now, but before when I tried and tried and blah... Now I know there is somekind of plastic bow maker, but hehe, those cardboard trousers didn't cost a penny and I can honestly say that I like making bows now :)

    One tip: I never cut the ribbon until the bow is made. Makes it easier and "never waste a piece of ribbon". Heheh, never say never :P

  3. Congrats, I made a few of them too - I never waste a piece of ribbon either lol. Hugs lin

  4. Well done great idea Gonna try it

    Liz xxxxxxxx

  5. Congratulations! I'll have to give your idea a try.

  6. Great!!!
    I started making bows this way, too, but I usually use a fork :-) you can also make tiny bows then...

  7. Ulina, I just had to add your fork tip on the original bow post. Thank you dear! :)


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