Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How to make a perfect (hehe) bow :)

My Achilles heel is my bows. Not anymore, now I love making them and it is soooooo easy. Once I tried styrox cup upside down, two pens sticking out from the bottom of the cup like antennas  and oh dear, I tried to make a bow, but for some reason it was never nice. Not trying to tie a bow or the result either :) It wasn't good because the gap of the pens. Cardboard works perrrrrfectly :)

I'm one of these persons who doesn't like to go and pay because very often there is an easy way to do it / solve the problem. Eveyone has some cardboard at home, I have loads. Ok, piece of cardboard and then like the pictures show, I made "trousers", piece of cardboard, measuring one leg 3 cm then ½cm gap and another 3cm wide leg. That is the tool. Notice that the longer the legs are, the easier it is to tie a bow.

Width of the leg is the width of the "loop". Because this is not costing anything, you can cut as many and as wide "trousers" you like. Hahaa... This is clever, easy, fun and cheap.















If I don't glue it immediately onto the card, I put a clip to flat it out. If I make a card I will put some glue also in the bow and then I use the clip anyway :D It will stick onto the card and also the tie won't open or spread.

This guide *so to speak was done with no proper preparations, but I will make another one. I might. Not sure. I could thou...

VIDEO AS WELL :D Oh yeah. Of course you spotted my new Fiskars scissors <3

Edit 15th February 2011
Great!!! I started making bows this way, too, but I usually use a fork :-) you can also make tiny bows then...


  1. See now, this is what I'm talkin about! I can follow these instructions.Thanks for doing this Annemaritta. I'll give you a shout out. :-)

  2. Great tutorial Annemarita!! I was going to buy a plastic gadget to make bows, but it is very hard to find. Your instructions show how easy it is to make your own. I really appreciate it! Thanks a lot, Marilyn

  3. Thank You that was great! Have to go make and give it a go!

  4. Lovely clear tutorial thanks. I've found myself the perfect bit of cardboard to make myself one or two .... or three of these. Thanks.

  5. l'm very glad your like it. My house is full of bows already, and lots of ribbons!

  6. Very pretty bows. Thanks for the tutorial. Linda W. asked me if I knew you, but I told her I didn't. I pretty much knew that you were a friend of Dorcas. She's in the next town over from me. Stacey and I are in the same congregation. Have a great day. I'll check back soon. dj

  7. Awesome tutorial! Thank you!



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