Friday, September 17, 2010

Bow Apparatus :)

I like nice bows. I.e. I don't like the bows I've managed so far. I tried and made all sort of experimental instruments :D  One was a styrox cup upside down and two sticks. Nope, didn't work.

This works! Again all you need is piece of cardboard (the stronger, the better) and pair of scissors.

1. Actually those look like trousers. With belt :D

2. Backside

3. Front

4. THE Bow :)

Now I have tiny apparatus and not so tiny and a bit bigger and big and and and... :)


  1. Ok, this is really cool, but for dumbos like me, we need directions!! I still wouldn't know how to use it. Lol

  2. What a very clever idea, and as I've seen the 'glitter girls'bow shaper
    ( action, I can actually see how to use it.....nice bows on my cards from now on lol.

  3. Linda, the link pic is sort of what I tried before, but bows were not recognisible. :D Cardboard works for me, because it is flat.

    Dorcas, your bows are so beautiful and always nice shape :)

    I will ask my son to get pics me in action :D


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