Monday, September 06, 2010

Video Casette Case :)

Cleaning out my closet (by Eminem) and there I had few plastic video casette cases. Immediately I found a new use for them :)

Of course! Now they work as digistamp storages.

Long waited phone call from Samuel Taylor, Leeds.Website is called "click on crafts". They have my Spellbinders Labels 7 ready and waiting for me!

Edit 1:
Hehee ;) Dorcas' Coloring Guide is clearly visible there. And my nitros. And my Big Shot. (Why it has to be PINK?!?)

Edit 2:
Linda, of course there is nothing wrong wrong with PINK, if talking about the singer, butbutbut... blue or black would taste better? :D

Seriously I have been thinking about paint these black (by Rolling Stones). Both.

LOL, what a wonderful excuse again to post of pic of my babies :)

Edit 3: It's a little bit funny (by Elton John. Ohdear, what's wrong with me!!! Quotes from songs :D all the time), but I think I have never had anything pink. Once!!! When I was pregnant I had this wonderful long huge PINK nightgown. But then again, people do crazy things when up the duff! :D Don't they? :D


  1. Great storage idea, and just what is wrong with PINK lol. hugs

  2. I personally don't like pink and black together, so I hear ya. lol "I want it to turn black.."
    Great idea!

  3. Re: my blog. Not sure what you're looking at, do you mean my derwent graphitint pencils?
    And the "spot the difference" I suppose you found my typo that i made in the scripture. (Tweety noticed and I had to reprint it out but I only retook one picture~ the close up. :-)lol

  4. Nice idea! Always looking for new storage ideas! I agree with Linda! I like pink and black! We all have different tastes!

  5. Stacey, I like this recycling thingy.

    Idea for using tins was actually from Dorcas (of course! Oh, I love her!) and now I have all my pens and pencils nicely sorted.

    For some reason (LOL) we have "few" plastic containers from takeaway curry house :D and they work so well storaging about anything.



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