Friday, September 03, 2010

Me, me, me, me, me...

I think I might open up a bit... Isn't that what the blog is for? Hehee ;)

I love this card making stuff.
I love Leeds United AFC. I absolutely love that football team. Always had and always will.
I love Elland Road for 2 wonderful reasons. 1. It is Leeds United home ground. 2. We have our conventions there.
I love Oliver Cromwell and history of England.
I love triathlon, but hate the running part of it! Paradox?
I love proper curry, but fish & chips even more.
I love my computers and all my computer stuff.
I love this workshop of mine, I could spend the whole day here just doing stuff. No idea what, but something. :D
I love part of my past, definitely NOT all of it. Sex Pistols, Bauhaus, Siouxie and the Banshees... that part I DO LOVE and how it made me realise what is inside you, matters.

I love my boys. My wonderful, beautiful boys.
I love being Jehovah's Witness, because all of my life I have believed in God and had a good relationship with him, but couldn't make head or tail what we were told at school or in church. It is the Bible, where you can find the truth, not from anywhere else.

Ohdear!!!! That was just a tiny little piece of me, gives me a little peace of mind. Hmmm.. why I fancy some peas all of a sudden?

... to be continued... ;)


  1. Always nice to know what we are thankful for. Helps us days when we are feeling not so postive!


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