Thursday, September 02, 2010

Tutoring Thursday and more fun

My friend Dorcas had a blingy nightmare and this is my very very good tip for that kind of problem. How to organize blingies? Perfect and easy solution:

No frills! Take a 5 liter ice cream container. That of course means you need to treat your family with a serious amount of ice cream. Then stuff your blinkies to tiny containers. Only part of them, naturally. You don't want to forget where everything is. That is the reason you keep some of them visible. Tiny containers are of course from takeout restaurant. That of course means, that you are having a nice treat for your family. I do suggest have the dinner first and then ice cream. 

After all the eating you definitely are too stuffed and tired to organise anything. So throw all your blingies to the box and SORTED!!!


  1. Personally I would have the ice-cream first....might let family have some after lol. I keep my blingies in little containers, but (so long as there are lots and lots in the container) i glue one on top so i can see exactly what is in it.


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