Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tralalaaa.... I'm siiiinging in the rain :D

One picture says more than... many colourful words :D

Yes, pencils arrived today. Definitely they are second-rate, but who cares, if colours work? 4 pencils were not labeled at all, so I keep guessing the exact colour number and name.

This is the list I have:
PC  901 Indigo Blue
PC  902 Ultramarine
PC  903 True Blue
PC  904 Light Cerulean Blue
PC  905 Aquamarine
PC  908 Dark Green
PC  909 Grass Green
PC  910 True Green
PC  912 Apple Green
PC  913 Spring Green
PC  914 Cream
PC  915 Lemon Yellow
PC  918 Orange
PC  922 Poppy Red
PC  924 Crimson Red
PC  925 Crimson Lake
PC  926 Carmine Red
PC  927 Light Peach
PC  928 Blush Pink
PC  931 Dark Purple
PC  932 Violet
PC  933 Violet Blue
PC  935 Black
PC  937 Tuscan Red
PC  938 White
PC  939 Peach
PC  942 Yellow Ochre
PC  943 Burnt Ochre
PC  945 Sienna Brown
PC  946 Dark Brown
PC  947 Dark Umber
PC  948 Sepia
PC  949 Metallic Silver
PC  950 Metallic Gold
PC  989 Chartreuse
PC  993 Hot Pink
PC  994 Process Red
PC 1001 Salmon Pink
PC 1002 Yellowed Orange
PC 1003 Spanish Orange
PC 1006 Parrot Green
PC 1008 Parma Violet
PC 1009 Dahlia Purple
PC 1021 Jade Green
PC 1022 Mediterranean Blue
PC 1031 Henna
PC 1032 Pumpkin Orange
PC 1033 Mineral Orange
PC 1040 Electric Blue
PC 1050 Warm Grey 10%
PC 1051 Warm Grey 20%
PC 1054 Warm Grey 50%
PC 1058 Warm Grey 90%
PC 1060 Cool Grey 20%
PC 1070 French Grey 30%
PC 1074 French Grey 70%
PC 1080 Beige Sienna
PC 1082 Chocolate
PC 1084 Ginger Root
PC 1085 Peach Beige
PC 1086 Sky Blue Light
PC 1087 Powder Blue
PC 1089 Pale Sage
PC 1092 Nectar
PC 1093 Seashell Pink
PC 1011 Deco Yellow
PC 1077 Colorless Blender
and 4 with no label

At this moment I'm not sure if this was a mistake to buy these. Doesn't sound too bad, 30 quid for 72 colors. Well, I contacted the seller. Lets see what happens next.

P.S. Forgot to mention, one pencil was "empty". Seller refunded it nicely, and oh, I love coloring!


  1. Looks like you have a fantastic selection there. I have to go rummaging through all different sets for my colours. will have to wait till next anniversary to get something like that lol.

  2. Thanks :) Both of you. Of course I do understand that pencils doesn't make the artist, it's other way round :D

    Surely all the pencils I have will do the trick (some from poundshop and some from tesco as well), this deal on ebay just felt too good to miss.


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