Friday, September 24, 2010

So cold, so tired, so so so tired...

I'm staring at the screen and would love to write something funny or witty, but I am so tired of everything... What is the point of this struggle?


  1. Why?! Because we love you, thats why!

  2. Sorry you struggling like this sis. Do remember you are loved, can you speak to someone near by you and tell them how you feel. Will keep you in prayer. Love Lin

  3. Are you feeling any better today??

    I am your sister from Saskatchewan, Canada and often check out your site. I first discovered Dorcas (very recently) while looking at Card and Scrapbooking sites and then saw your comments on her blog, so now you are also listed in my 'Favorites.' I don't have a blog - just haven't had the time for it, but at least I can leave comments.

    I am so glad I discovered you, Dorcas, Stacey and Lin! I have a little group of friends here in Saskatchewan who love to get together and make cards too.

    I really do hope you are better soon...(My favorite scripture - all of Psalm 143).

    Love from across the ocean,

  4. Marilyn, thank you so much of your comment. Things have been just chaotic for last months. I lost my job due to company losing a big contract, then I fell out with my very very dear friend (misunderstandings and different point of views but things are patching up now. GREAT!!!)

    Sort of I feel that facing all these difficulties and NOT giving up the things that are the most important keep me going. :D I could say "keep me insane" :D :D hihih.

    Same goes with Dorcas and Linda. I mean I would like to thank them for their comments, not saying that they are as insane as I am. Or at all.


  5. Thanks Annemaritta (I Love your name!),

    I forgot to mention that neither Dorcas, Stacey nor Linda know me at all. I have never left any comments on their blogs...yours is actually one of the first. Your words just tore at my heart and I had to let you know. It's true that my love for Jehovah keeps me sane too, trust me. I went through a huge depression years ago, and every once in a while it creeps up again. For the most part, I am loving life and keeping busy doing what is most important to me (like you said).

    Thanks again for answering back,

  6. Hi Annemaritta! Hi Marilyn! Nice to meet you. :-D
    I'm glad you're feeling a bit better, AM. You were scaring me.
    To answer your nestie question. If someone buys BOTH the small AND the large of any given set, they can nest their layers pretty thin.
    But I don't do that.
    I simply use my largest nestie to frame my image and cut (freehand) around the edge. I probably couldn't do that with scalloped edges but for larger curves its pretty easy.
    Glad you've finally got a set. There's no stopping you now!
    Marilyn, where did you find me? CDAC or PCP? Are you a member?
    Hugs, Dorcas

  7. Sorry I am obviously behind a few days. Sorry you have had a hard time! Seems like everyone is going through something very trying! You are in our prayers!


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