Friday, August 27, 2010


Ohmy! I have created my first digistamp (officially, I mean)!!! Sun is shining and we had a good three hours some fun with Angelique. Most certainly she is drawn back to card crafting. Lovely! Am I good company or bad influence? That's the question?

Edit 10:24 on Saturday morning: I found 20 odd year old magazines and after scanning, cutting, coloring (whitening/transparenting), measuring etc editing I was happy with it, BUT I need to find out somehow, IF I can publish it. Of course it would be free for everyone.

Our house has a proper size dining room, but now it is even in a better use. Sewing machine and overlocker and stuff are there ready to have a go. Err... need dusting first. Machines need. I used to sew everything, kids clothes, leather jacket, taxi uniforms (in Finland we used to have proper uniforms, no way wearing casual jeans or t-shirts...), dresses... everything really. Maybe this is a start of a new era. Or New Old Era? 

Anyway we ended up to do something with card stuff and I designed her a business card. Can't wait the next time we'll be having our whatsitcalled... "sewing circle" :D

edit 10.30pm
I found this: 

awww... cute :) 
* bkn = blog keeper's note
  • High quality low profile tablet with big 250 x 150 mm (10 x 6 inch) widescreen working space for picture and video editing, freehand drawing and other graphic applications
  • Including ergonomic wireless 2 button pen with 1024 step pressure sensitivity and separate cradle to store the pen (pen is perfecto to hold - bkn)
  • Widescreen size for optimized use with widescreen monitors; also suitable for standard monitors (works perfectly on both, tested - bkn)
  • Fully supports Windows 7 & Vista advanced tablet functions, such as pen pressure sensitivity, converting handwriting into digital text and office document notes (enjoyable and has word suggestion as well - bkn)
  • 21 extra direct accessible programmable soft buttons (excellent - bkn)
  • With transparent sheet for tracing pictures (sounds! - bkn)
  • Software included for drawing and editing pictures (err... ok - bkn)

Package contents

  • Tablet
  • Pen
  • Pen cradle
  • 2x pen tips (extra tips, one is already in place - bkn)
  • Pen-tip removal tool
  • 1x AAA battery
  • CD-ROM with software (well... software is very basic but it is there - bkn)
  • User’s guide (useless - blog keeper's opinion ;)


  1. Where is this digi? I want to see it :) thanks for sharing all this cool info..Nice blog too.

  2. Hi Back Annemaritta, yes the same for me, I never thought I'd have a blog or enter challenges. Can't wait to do more now, it's so exciting, and along the way I'm learning so much. You have to keep the little grey cells working don't you lol. I'd love to see your digi (when you get yourself sorted with it of course). I've a few images I've hand drawn that I think could be used as digi's but like you have to find out what I'm supposed to do with it all. Hugs to you.


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