Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wrong Going Wednesday &*%"~#'!!!

It's 7pm and no card crafting today. Been trying to get son's passport back, WHY it is soooo difficult to someone to cooperate? Just asking! Ok, to cut a long story short: On Saturday son went to house colding party (opposite of house warming party), left his backbag there (with the passport of course). Since Sunday morning (!!!) we've been trying to get this girl who is moving out, to give my son's bag back. GRRRRRRR.... She doesn't want to know. Lying her head off and all she says is that it's my son's fault, why left it there.

Of course it is his fault! BUT son was suppose to go to Finland to spend some time with his father. Tickets been booked and paid, flight is on Monday, but NO FRIGGING passport! Studies will keep my son busy and no chance for holiday in Finland until next summer :(

Girl and her boyfriend had too wild party and therefore she doesn't want to go to the house. Son told there were about 50 people and I'm very grateful he and his friends left before thing were starting to go bad. I feel sorry for the owner of the house. We drove there today and ohdear... what a mess when looking from outside. :(

I am so angry. So so so angry! Then my heart started to play up. Doctor wanted to send me to hospital but then gave me some nitros and I promised to stay calm and relax. Oh yeah... :(

Now I'm going to have some quality time <3 Result will be revealed later...


  1. Oh dear...hope he can get it back in time. what a nightmare.
    Jonathan once left his green card in the states when we went to the UK (for his Dad's funeral). It was fine going TO the UK (cos hes a Brit) but they wouldn't let him go home (to the US). I had to leave without him and he had to fly to London to get a temporary visa to come home the next day. It was a huge headache cos Tweet was small and we had seven large suitcases that I had to deal with alone.And I had never flown alone before either...but I made it and my confidence was boosted.

  2. I forgot one thing: Because of the passport hunting, I missed the postman, who tried to deliver me a parcel I've been waiting for at least couple of weeks :( Oh well, tomorrow is another day <3

    Dorcas, the abbreviation is on the bottom of the page ;)

  3. Hope everything is worked out by now! Sounds very frustrating!


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