Tuesday, August 24, 2010


No, this is not about Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Ross and Chandler. This is about friends, who suprise you without warning. It leaves you wondering, what have I done to deserve this. Absolutely nothing. Being my horrible self. Then few hours later you are given gifts that makes you day in many ways and many days!

Ok, things are difficult at home at the moment, life is a mess and I'm struggling to get through one day to the next one. Things like these makes it easier to carry on.

Dorcas knows how I have fallen in love with card making (card crafting) and how I like to try new things, but not sure how to do them. I visited her blog today, and there it was!!!

Colored Pencil Tutorial for newbies, I trust. Absolutely fantastic! I already said her, that I believe there are many of us, who do not know how to get it right, and are probably too scared to publish them or / and ask for advice. Heh, I do publish my stuff, cos I'm actually gobsmacked, that I can colour something and it doesn't look total waste (in my own opinion anyway).

Then I went for my study with my friend, Angelique. When I came back home, I had all this with me:

Angelique doesn't have time for cards at the moment, and she knows how happy and relaxed I am in my "Little Workshop". She said to me "Annie, I know that you take good care of these". Awwwww.... Oh, there was a heat gun as well!

Now we have arranged this Friday to be our first "sewing / card crafting session". Can't wait. :) We drove down to Dewsbury to this Textile Shop and ohdearme, those prices were perfect for people who are looking for quality but don't want to pay too much. Silk, wool, cotton, denim... My head is spinning around <3


  1. Yummo! Look at all that eye candy! You will use it well. I'll make sure of it by dragging you in on more adventures! lol

  2. That is so great! Have lots of fun! Dorcas is a good friend She helps anyway she can. Her Tutorials are great. She now she has to do a tutorial on that!

  3. Hi Annemaritta. I've followed dorcas's tutorial too and actually managed something I'm fairly pleased with. Great to learn new stuff isn't it. Love your card with the paper flowers on it.

  4. Well thanks for inviting me to card session:)


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