Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hard decisions ;)

If someone asks you to show them some of your cards, how do you chose? Got a message from my friend "could you bring few of your cards me to show my workmates?", oh well, I ended up with a box of 30. :D I had to be done quickly, that was good, cos now I didn't have time to panic or think. 

No cards for days! What is the matter with me? Had to get son's passport back, sort out alternative date for flying to Finland, which I am really happy about. He can spend a week there, quality time with his father and other rellies. Awww... nice.

It's 10pm and new mags sounds really good. CO visit coming up on October. Ah, it is nice and relaxed feeling after the meeting. It always makes you geel better. Every time. :) 

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