Sunday, August 22, 2010

What a Beauty :) and it is CDAC Giveaway as well

1. What is this?
2. What does abbreviation "CDAC" stand for?

1. This is

Genius MousePen 8" x 6" Graphic Tablet (GENIUS IT IS!!!)

You can learn to draw your own digis with this prize. This brand new tablet is ergonomically designed for drawing, handwriting, sketching, coloring, or picture editing, and powered directly by the USB connection.

It’s not only a fantastic media tool for designers, but a "hand-eye" coordination, fun input device for a computer. Giveaway ends Sept 13th and winner will be picked by random generator. Prize Features are..

    * 8"x6" working area, comfortable for easy drawing, painting and using the PC
    * 1024-level pressure sensitivity for all kinds of shapes and thickness control
    * Make handwriting notes/drawings on the Internet and in any application program
    * Cordless mouse and pen design gives you unlimited freedom
    * 3D scroll wheel for fast browsing on the Internet and in Windows documents
    * Corel Painter-The ultimate digital sketching and painting tool
    * Supports Windows 2003/XP/Me/2000/98
This is the best part: 
One CDAC Member will win this Drawing tablet.
(and of course I am a member)

Now comes the answer to the question #2
2. CDAC is Crafters Digital Art Centre 


  1. Isn't it awesome?? I hope you win it. I know you'd have so much fun with it. Oh, btw, remember to link back to the CDAC so others can go there and see how they can enter:-)

  2. I had similar thing approx 15 years ago and it was great (fun). :) Of course it wasn't cordless that time :D

    Ah, I knew I forgot something. The link. Thank you, dear :)

  3. I don't fill all requirements, the winner is not gonna be me, but the prize is excellent.


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