Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday It Is...

... all 24 hours of it.

Dorcas, surely that kind of situation has to boost confidence, small child, suitcases, and husband stuck thousands of miles behind. Well done x :)

Alex (my son) has no chance to get his passport back before Wednesday. That is the day she says she will be going to the house, but I very much doubt it. If someone is in difficult situation, I would do all I can to help, but this girl and her boyfriend... Horrible people :( Ouch, have to calm down immediately, I definitely don't want to die having a heart attack in front of my computer and because Lady In Black (sorrrrry LOL) is not finished yet.

Amazing how it helps. Card making I mean.

Q: What would you do, if you had personal organizer but you don't want to pay for refills?
A: Design, print and cut your own.
Example of size 172mm x 96mm refills: diary £4 (26 sheets) or £8 (52 sheets), to do / name+address / plain note paper / finances / day planner £2 each (20 sheets) etc. Well, that lot would cost at least 14 quid. NO WAY!

Let me think (hahah, sometimes I do think!) 52+30+30+30+30 (diary, appt, minutes, assings, address)...  58 x A4, bit of ink (I like very fine lines), a guillotine and a hole punch. I spent couple of quids, that's ALL!!! (Everyone has a guillotine and a hole punch home, or what?) ;)





Ok, Lady in Black is here:

Lady in Black


  1. Very smart! Colors are great too! Can't buy that!

  2. Cool idea..and can you believe I don't own a normal hole punch? lol
    OMGoodness!! You have a girl of every color now.ROFL I like your composition here, very clean and crisp.

  3. My tools were Provo Craft hammer and that little holethingy apparatus ;) and wooden chopping board :D :D :D

    Btw, on the pics you can't see the texture of the card stock. I love the one that looks like canvas. <3


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