Monday, August 30, 2010

Bank Hols Monday and Everything Is on Order :)

Needed to test these (and few variations, of course)


Edit approx 5 pm (BST):

MS Publisher (takes one minute tops)


  1. You know what? I like them both. (depending on mood) How do you do that anyway? I want one! And dont tell me photoshop cos I dont have it....

  2. That is easily made by any software...."technical terms...difficult proces..."

    NOOOOO!!! 120 fonts to choose from (and I have at least 1000 and I don't have the curly one. Therefore I went to this website :)

    (Need to find Oliver Cromwell's signature and then I will make a shocking signature ;)

    btw, son in on his way to Finland and ohdearme how I love this peace and quiet <3

  3. Very Nice! I want one too! I like the sophisticated


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