Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Terrible Tuesday :(

Everything is going wrong. Well, not everything... Being in my "workshop" makes me feel a bit better. Browsing Internet for similar minded (read "mad about cards") people and seeing projects and finding new ways to do things is sooooo cool!

For example colouring... How amazing is that!?! :D

Lady in Pink
This is the result when you have one bugaboo freebie, box of wax crayons and the most important (at least for me it was) Crayon Coloring Tutorial actually to help how to do it. After headache, swetting and sweari... NO SWEARING! I meant to say "making a mess", I have coloured my first digistamp! (Waiting for applauds...)

The next day came and let me see...

Lady in Green
This time I grabbed box of colouring pencils and playing with pencils was nice. Trying to keep Tutorial in mind, of course. Now I have twins. But that is not all... ;)

Water colours! Drove to Tesco and bought the cheapest water colour pencils and hurried back home:

Lady in Blue
As you can see, Lady in Blue is a bit edited version of the bride, also I flipped the image to point to opposite direction. I love blue and white. Don't know what experienced people would say, but I think this is my best so far (of triplets that is).  Yet again... I found some oil/metal/noidea whatsoever paint pots and of course wanted to have a go.

Lady in Orange
Lady in Orange looks definitely better IRL than picture shows. You can't see the silver/white highlights, neither black hair lining. Now I have quadruplets :D

Love this loads. I mean all this colouring thingy!


  1. Oh Yippeee!! You're really here in Blogland! Welcome :-)

  2. Nice job on the coloring! I have not mastered coloring yet. I try to make cards that don't need images. Dorcas tries to give me tips, but have not gotten the knack yet. Hello again, by the way! Nice to get in touch again!


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